Dehydrated Carrot Muffins Recipe

Carrot is umbrelliferae daucus biennial herbage plants. Its fleshy root is edible as vegetable. Originated from Mediterranean coast, carrot is widely cultivated in China, it is planted the most in Shandong, Henan, Zhejiang and Yunnan province, it comes into the season in autumn and winter and the quality is excellent. Usually, we take the fleshy tap rooted of carrot for food. According to color and luster carrot can be divided into red, yellow, white, and purple and several kinds and China is the largest cultivation of red and yellow. According to shape carrot can be divided into the conical and cylindrical. Carrot is finer texture, crisp and tender, has special sweetness, and contains rich carotene, vitamin C and B vitamins.Carrots has a high reputation in the east, is considered as the dishes in the top grade. In China people always call carrot as small ginseng. Carrot contains very comprehensive nutrients. Every hundred grams carrot contains carbohydrates 7.6g, protein 0.6g, fat 0.3g, calcium 30mg, iron 0.6mg, and vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C and other, especially carotene content in vegetables is among the best, every grams contains carotene 3.62 mg or so, equivalent to 1981 international units of vitamin A according to assay. The nutrition is unchanged and easier to be absorbed by human body in high temperature.

The Benefits of Dehydrated Carrot

Carrot is known as the maintenance of normal function of epithelial cells, it can prevent and control respiratory infection, promote human body growth and participate in rhodopsin synthesis.The carrot is a kind of vegetables can be eaten with the skin. Japanese scholars think that the roots and cuticle contain a lot of inorganic salt and nutrients because the edible part of carrot is grown in the soil. In recent years, extensive material are reported, carrots possess prominent anticancer action. Research found that a lack of vitamin A, cancer rates can be two times higher than normal. Supposing that every day people can eat a certain amount of carrots will have a protective effect against prostate cancer. Because of the rich carrots carotene can be changed to a lot of vitamin A, therefore, can effectively prevent the happening of the lung cancer, even for the cells which have already converted into the cancer cells also das effect to stop or the reverse the progress. The study also found that carrot contains rich folic acid, as a B vitamins, it also has the effect of anticancer; the carrot lignin, there are also improve the body’s immunity and indirect cancer kill the cancer cells function. For long-term smoking people, drink half cup of carrot juice can help protect the lungs.Carotene is fat-soluble compounds, so only in fat it can be easy to absorb. When eating carrots, we had better cook it with edible oil or meat so that the effective nutrition constituent is absorbed by human body.We can make carrot muffin at home.

The dried fruits and nuts in bulk and dehydrated carrot cookies will introduce in the next article.

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