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Here are the benefits of the hot die steel and applications of this steel. As we all know the hot die steel is used in many technical and mechanical works. It has a lot of hot tensile strength and it has much better processing abilities than other forms of steel. Actually, there are many hot die steels in the market and the good thing with all of them is that they can be used for forging dies for use in technical industries. They make better forged dies in the market than the normal steel dies. More uses for this product include the aluminum extrusion, hot piercing punches and many more.

Various hot die steels are all allocated numbered codes that are recorded by the manufacturers. For example, we have the H-13 steel, which is just 5% chromium hot work tool steel with a higher content of vanadium. It is very reliable, hard and tough and it can even be cooled in water. It can resist wear and tear even in extremely hot temperatures. You can find the charts telling the contents of the hot die steel. Among the industrial applications that this steel can be put to include forging dies and screws, light metal extrusions, forging moulds and casting dies by pressure. Of course, there are many more uses as you will learn from the supplier.

The H-21 steel is very good for extending the lifespan of the aluminum I die molds. It is also used for hot metal extrusion parts. It contains tungsten, which is very good for red heat strength, and it is widely used in the manufacture of tools used in the metal tubes. This hot die steel is available in several sizes in the market and the buyer orders what he/she needs. It contains only 2.2% of chromium and other additives like vanadium, silicon, manganese, molybdenum and so on are even lower. You will find that out as you buy.

The H-11 steel is perhaps one of the strongest hot die steel in the market today. It has a very high tensile strength under heat. It is not prone to hot cracking and it can stand some water-cooling. It is the raw materials for manufacturing screws and barrels used in plastic production. It can also be used in light metal extrusion, forging molds, screws and rings. H-11 steel maybe the most sought after steel in the market.

In general, there is so much use for the hot die steel in the market today. In many cases, though you will find that it is used in the production of tools. It has very favorable characteristics like ability to resist deformation, shock, heat cracking and checking, to name but just a few of its magnificent qualities. It is used in various methods of shaping metals which includes stamping, extrusion, drawing, piercing and so forth.

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