Oil Mills Machinery

Oil mill treatment makes oilseed in the best condition for press the oil out. Oil mill treatment including the following parts: cleaning, broken, softening, flaking, extruding and drying. It is important to pretreat the oil materials before pressing oil, such as cleaning sieve, crusher, seed softening machine, flaker, oilseed extruder, drying machine and so on. One must keep all of them working smoothly. Luckily, the replacement parts are readily available on the internet. You need reliable backup and partnership, so you should buy your oil mill pretreatment from a reliable company.

Cleaning is to remove the impurity from the oil seeds. It can improve the oil output and protect the main seed processing equipment. The crushing section is to make the big size oil seeds into pieces to fit the coming flaking processing. Crushing section is very important and can affect the flaking process and improve the yield of oil. Crusher is the equipment to finish such process, it can process different oil seeds like peanuts, soybean, sunflower seeds, rapeseeds, etc. Flaking is to make the crushed oil material into flat pieces with certain thickness under the mechanical impact processing. Flaking is to broken the histocyte, enlarge the pressing or solvent extraction processing area of the oil seeds to fasten the oil come out from seeds.Oil Extruding is mainly used for soybean seed processing, recently it is also used to process the flaked rapeseeds, cotton seeds, rice bran and so on by certain seed processing equipment. There are also some procedures after extruding to separate oil from the oilseed, the processing will not be very long. After extruding the seed processing capacity can be improved by 30~50%. Drying is usually designed for the flaked soybean before solvent extraction, the drying section is to adjust the moisture of the flaked soybean to meet the requests of the solvent extraction.

The machinery for oil pretreatment can be bought on the internet. In order to make sure that everything is set and operated right, a detailed user manual will be accompanied with the machinery. It is also very important to make sure that one buys their oil pretreating machine from a renowned manufacturer who has met all the right standards. Manual and automatic machines are both available. The production capacity will be different. This kind of variety, especially if it can be found under one roof, is very good because it enables one to choose what he/she feels meets their needs. If one wants to open the market for his oil, then he must guarantee the quality of the oil, and the quality of the oil press machine will decides part of the oil quality, oil mill pretreatment is also an important factor.

Next article will introduce the Oil Mill Plant.

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