Analysis of Pellet Mill BBQ Product Production And Use

Since 1985, when the first wood pellet grill was ‘invented’, pellet powered BBQ grills have become common. It is argued that pellet mill bbq adds a distinct flavor to the delicacy being roasted compared to charcoal, gas or electricity grills. This is because distinct wood milled by bbq pellet mill to create the pellet produce distinct flavors on the roast. For instance, pellets derived from oak, cherry, apple or mesquite each gives a distinct flavor. Furthermore, it has been established that pellets burn more readily than wood and in the process produce more heat.

Having looked at its usage, let’s turn to the bbq pellets themselves. Before milling any tree for bbq pellets, it is important to know the flavor that the resultant pellets will add onto the roast. Some trees may therefore be very good in generation of fuel wood pellets but their pellets will not be appropriate for BBQ usage. It is therefore correct to state that the BBQ pellets have to be of a higher quality than non BBQ wood pellets.

Way before we have pellet mill bbq targeted pellets, an appropriate tree has to be chosen. Since bbq flavors are sensitive to age the tree should be harvested when the flavor it produces are at its peak while also having as much woody material as possible. Hence in most cases, the harvested tree has to have been. The selected tree is felled and the trunk shipped to a lumber yard where it is dried to reduce the moisture before being ground to form fine wood particles. After being ground, the fine chips are dried to further remove moisture and then sieved to ensure that the particles are about the same size. The ground wood is then fed into the mill bearing in mind that, being wood, bbq pellets have to be compacted at higher pressure than other non wood pellets. Temperature also plays a vital role in wood based pellets as appropriate amounts of pressure and temperature will allow gelatinization of wood particles hence making them susceptible to be turned into pellet form.

One of the desirable things about this pellet mill bbq product is that as soon as the one has established a firm customer base, orders will keep on coming. This is chiefly because of the distinct aroma that the bbq pellets will incorporate to the food being grilled. Besides this, the prices of bbq pellets are higher than of any other pellet hence this assures positive returns for investing in the pellet plant.

Unlike most pellet plants, bbq pellet mills are often small scale. That means their output is somewhat lower than pellet industries for instance while other pellet milling plants may have an output of up to a ton per minute, these plants have an average output of 300 kg an Hour. The cost of these mills range from as low as $3000 to as high as $90000. Fortunately as discussed above, with proper marketing, this investment in production of this pellet mill bbq product may be recovered within a short period of operation.  The small size of the plant implies that the amount of energy consumed will also be much lower.

Posted on: April 19, 2012, by : sunmin

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