Choosing Quality Wood Chip Pellet Mill

The national development and reform commission of the state council announced the project of the renewable energy long-term development in August 2007, in which point out that to the year of 2010 in China utilized quantity of solid molding biomass fuel will reach 1 million tons per year, and by 2020 the solid molding biomass fuel utilized quantity of our country will reach 50 million tons. Pellet fuel is considered as a highly efficient and clean renewable energy, can save energy and reduce emissions, has the good economic efficiency and the social efficiency as the ideal substitute for common fuel like coal and oil. Furthermore, nothing is actually lost in the pelletizing process. For people who can access the raw materials, no matter small ones and the heavy commercial ones, pellet mills have become an investment of choice. One stands to gain with a wood chip pellet mill if he lives near the woods.

Wood chip pellet mill is a biomass energy molding equipment, this machine controls the appearance, size and moisture of wood chips by the pretreatment, send raw materials into pelleting machine and squeeze granule fuels of the even length. As the high density and homogeneous size, the pellets made by this wood chip pellet mill are easy to store and transportation, and for the high heat value and full burning, it is efficient, you can both use it yourself and for sale because the technical indicators of the pellets have reached the international level. You can choose a wood chip pellet mill for home use so that you can make pellet fuel at home and use them for heating or sell the redundant to the neighbors, If you want set up your own pellet business, you can purchase wood chi pellet mill for commercial use and make a plan of your business so you can profit with this efficient machine.

It is wise to invest in wood chip pellet mill from a credible brand name. The machine will be not easy to break down and the spare parts are all available. You see, most of these machines are made with longevity endurance in mind. However, should the need for parts arise, you will find it very easy to buy parts covered with warranties on the internet. As you buy this wood chip pellet mill, please make sure that it has a warranty of at least one year since the start of production. It is essential to consider the source from which you aim to get it from when buying wood chip pellet mill. There are a number of shops that you can get this pellet mill such as online shops. Wise buyers will consider the pros and cons of each shop before making the decision. This will assist you make the best choice. In order to get the best deal and the best wood chip pellet mill, shop around the shops online or local and compare the machines of different manufactures before buying the wood chip pellet mill in your mind.

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Posted on: April 27, 2012, by : sunmin

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