History of Alloy Steel Plate

In addition to iron and carbon, if we join other components into steel, alloy steel is manufactured. For example, based on ordinary carbon steel, add suitable amount of one or much more alloying elements then constitute of iron carbon alloy is completed. Based on the various components added and proper processing technologies, we are able to get higher strength, high toughness and put on resistance, corrosion resistance, reduced temperature and higher temperature resistant, nonmagnetic, as well as other unique performance.

Alloy steel with the background of over 1 hundred years. Industrial utilizing more alloy steel is about within the 2nd half of the nineteenth century. Following an extended time of creating, at present, there are thousands of alloy steel grades and tens of a large number of specs for international use, alloy steel production accounts for about 10% from the steel production and it’s 1 of important metal supplies utilized for the national economic construction and national defense building.

The selection of alloy steel plates are precision made utilizing high grade metal and alloys. These plates are widely used in various industries due to their excellent tensile power, resistance to corrosion and lengthy operating life. To ensure quality standards, these are examined as per the relevant industrial standards. Based on the alloy steel plate rolling technique, it can be divided into cold rolled alloy steel plate and hot rolled alloy steel plate.

The width from the thin plate ranges in 500-1500mm; width of thick plate ranges in 600-3000mm. People divide thin alloy steel plate into ordinary steel, high quality steel, alloy steel, spring steel, stainless steel, steel, heat-resistant steels, bearing steel, silicon and industrial pure iron plate and so on. According to professional use, there are plate for oil drum, enamel, and hull. According to surface coatings, have galvanized sheet, tin plates, lead plates, plastic composite plating steel plate, etc. Grade of thick plate is generally the same as thin plate. Such as bridge steel plate, boiler plate, automobile manufacturing steel plate, pressure vessel steel plate and multilayer high pressure vessel steel plate and so on. You need to understand that not all of the steel plates are the same because alloy steel plate materials are various, the application differs in the material, so make sure what precisely you need when purchasing alloy steel plate.

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