Wood Pellets Will certainly Replace Traditional Fossil

When most people consider alternative fuel supplies, the natural tendency is to consider solar or wind power to generate electricity. One alternative fuel source that often gets little attention would be the burning of manufactured wood pellets within an environmentally friendly wood stove.

Traditional wood stoves burn logs and pieces of wood that’s been obtained from fallen trees or from trees which have been cut down for burning purposes. But wood pellets are made from waste of varied industries causing them to be outstanding.
Sawdust waste created from sawmills or furniture manufacturers and other connected wood industries can be used as the raw materials for manufacturing “environmentally friendly” wood pellets. Therefroe we are able to declare that pellets are definitely the by-products of the associated wood industries. As long as you can find left over materials to manufacture them, wood pellets will continue to be regarded as a “renewable” fuel source.

Drying, conditioning and pressing are definitely the main processes of wood pellets manufacturing process. The heat and pressure cause the sawdust to be “glued” together from the excretion of natural secretions from within the wood itself known as lignins. The secretion of lignins acts as a binding agent, one that holds the sawdust together. The completed wood pellets appear like dry dog foods and the diameter can be adjusted.

The every 40 pound wood pellets is going to be packed in bags to be sold to wood stove owners across the US. North America includes more than 60 pellet mills which produce more than 680,000 tons of wood pellet fuel each year. This number has more than doubled over the last 5 years.

The cost of manufactured pellets continues to be far more stable than traditional fossil fuels, especially over the last couple years where consumers found gas and oil prices increase. They are not only more cost-effective than fossil fuels, they are much better for the environment. The background of wood heating is much longer than fossil heating.

Now increasingly more families in North America opt for wood pellets as heating resource. Therefore if you see homes built with wood pellet stoves already installed and ready to make use of this renewable energy source, don;t be surprised.

Posted on: August 23, 2012, by : sunmin

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